Friday, November 7, 2008

Two friends, a distraction during class, and a piece not around anymore.

Theme of this post is stuff of friends and stuff helped with by friends. :D

<- Sidewalk chalk from Junior year's One World Week. Me and Caitlyn basically made the entire thing ourselves.Without Caitlyn's useage of color, this one wouldn't have worked at all. I personally think that this kicked totall butt. ...everyone liked the mermaid one more, though.

Junior year, this was drawn the weekend after the lot of us saw Iron Man, and Biology class was really boring.

The Iron Man and faces are done by Sam.

Hahaha.....John Castro, everyone.

(Junior year)

...and Cory. Very realistic.

(Junior year)

This was done this year (Senior year) during one of my art teacher's lectures. I think it's quite realistic.

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