Monday, November 24, 2008

What a lovely carnival...

Since I've been working on my carnival canvas for a bit over break, I thought I'd share some of the preliminary sketches on here. :D We had to pick a song that we felt was connected to us and do a piece based off of it using mixed media. Here's the song that I chose: (I dunno how to do the posting of the actual video thingamajigger...)

This was the first sketch. There obviously isn't much, but the idea is still there.

This was just a closeup sketch of the girl on the roof. I was originally gonna design her after myself, then I was like, "nah..." (haha, I inserted myself and my brother somewhere else in the final product, as just carnival-goers).

This is the final sketch before I started work on the final product. Definately pretty close, I was surprised drastic changes weren't made.

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