Monday, November 24, 2008

What a lovely carnival...

Since I've been working on my carnival canvas for a bit over break, I thought I'd share some of the preliminary sketches on here. :D We had to pick a song that we felt was connected to us and do a piece based off of it using mixed media. Here's the song that I chose: (I dunno how to do the posting of the actual video thingamajigger...)

This was the first sketch. There obviously isn't much, but the idea is still there.

This was just a closeup sketch of the girl on the roof. I was originally gonna design her after myself, then I was like, "nah..." (haha, I inserted myself and my brother somewhere else in the final product, as just carnival-goers).

This is the final sketch before I started work on the final product. Definately pretty close, I was surprised drastic changes weren't made.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here's some stuff I do during class...

This was on that art packet that I uploaded half of earlier. I like the one of Leone/Justin. My Jedi could've come out better, though.

Fun times with shading faces again.

I love how Revan turned out. Carth looks dumb, though.
And the Sylar in the upper right...don't worry about him.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Faces, faces, faces...

This one's nice and old. Leone looks so strange in this because I hadn't sketched her much when I made this (early Junior year).

More recent, and as you can see, Ayse really isn't hard for me to all.
Leone and Justin are too cute together for their own good.
Practice for my Picasso self-portrait thingy for art class.

Oldschool Fashion

Sketches from my art class book. These are my favorite Victorian era dresses. :D

Based Leone's dress(and basically the pose...) on the lady's on the right. I just adore those sleeve-thingys...

Two friends, a distraction during class, and a piece not around anymore.

Theme of this post is stuff of friends and stuff helped with by friends. :D

<- Sidewalk chalk from Junior year's One World Week. Me and Caitlyn basically made the entire thing ourselves.Without Caitlyn's useage of color, this one wouldn't have worked at all. I personally think that this kicked totall butt. ...everyone liked the mermaid one more, though.

Junior year, this was drawn the weekend after the lot of us saw Iron Man, and Biology class was really boring.

The Iron Man and faces are done by Sam.

Hahaha.....John Castro, everyone.

(Junior year)

...and Cory. Very realistic.

(Junior year)

This was done this year (Senior year) during one of my art teacher's lectures. I think it's quite realistic.

Some Guild Wars sketches

Speedy sketch.

An idea for the GW Halloween contest that never formated because of blasted KOTOR....

Hahaha, poor undead Rurik got cut off at the top. I also think Dr. Olias is sassy.
(oh man, Meric and Ayse's poses are so fracked up)

It had been a while since I had drawn Ayse or Meric, and I was gonna prepare for the upcoming Halloween contest GW was having...I can't draw anyone using a bow.

Wahoo. I wonder if I'll even use this much...

This is basically a seperate "art" site for me. My DeviantART is rarely updated because I never really scan any of my higher-quality work onto the computer.

Any sketch work that's done on class paper or possibly lined paper will be updated on here. I know that it's good to have a portfolio of all high-quality work, but sketches done during class can be too fun or amusing to not wanna share.

So there we go. Will post up scans soon enough.